GOA, MAR. 6-11, 2018
4164, 13th A Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, IN
Seaside Startup Summit
India. Goa

Seaside Startup Summit India (SSS India) is a one-of-a-kind non-formal startup event organised in a form of tent camp. SSS India is a perfect platform for startups to connect to investors, pitch and win prizes and investment, learn about the Indian market, find partners and have fun!


SSS India will be held from 6th to 11th of March in India, Goa. Over 150 early stage Startups and over 100 early stage investors from all over the world will take part in the event - making it the bridge between startup ecosystems worldwide. It is expected to host over 200 guests during the event, who will interact with participants and take part in its sessions, startup pitches, workshops, training sessions and the closing ceremony.

Why in India?

India now is the third largest startup ecosystem after the US and the UK with over 4750 tech startups. In 2016 Indian Tech startups attracted $3.8-4 Bln investment with almost half of it went to e-commerce and the rest went to tech startups. A significant trend is the growth of B2B startups (now ~40% of all startups) with major focus on Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, IoT, AI. A major trend we see is startups emerging from smaller Tier II cities.


The biggest impetus for startups is the domestic Indian market. The recent demonetization moved by the government has not only given an impetus to Fintech startups but also pushed the 50m+ SME segment towards a digital way of doing business. India is being viewed as the next lucrative market after China by startups from Europe, US and Asia Pacific.


Lifestyle: During the whole period of the Summit all the participants share common lifestyle while living in tents. By overcoming non-urban problems, they get closer and find new members for their teams.


CoWorking: In the area of the Summit you can find a CoWoking space, where the participants work together and try to cooperate with giving solutions to each other problems.


Matching Sessions: The startups get a chance to have matching sessions with the investors. Based on the interest of the investor they will be suggested o meet the startups and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.


Group Work: All the workshops contain group activities. While doing the assignments proposed by the experts, the participants get a chance to know each other better and at the same time, acquire new skills. This is a part of the teambuilding program designed to help the startups to overcome further hardships.

Workshops: Workshops were part of the educational program. Trainers and professionals invited from different countries hold training sessions and help the startups to better understand where they are, what they needed and what they want.


CampFire Talks: It is a non-formal talk held around the campfire within the squad. The speakers are founders of fortunate startups or professionals who want to share their knowledge and success stories with the participants.

Brand Battles: This is a special type of battle organized mainly for those startups which operate within particular field (Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Food and Healthy lifestyle, Healthcare etc.).


Big Battle: This is the battle organized for all the participating startups regardless of the field of their activities. The differentiation was done based on their stages of development. The money prizes for the winners are different based on the decision of the jury.


CampFire Pitch: The activity is designed for Business stage startups, who are looking for possibilities to scale the business and enter new markets. It is a unique chance for the business stage startups to present their pitches to the investors and get funding right at the moment.

Beach time: One of the reasons to organize the Summit close to water basin, is strongly connected to the possibility to organize beach parties and various sport activities, such as volleyball, football, surfing, etc.


Disco: Night discos are inseparable part of daily activities. This is not only a mean of leisure, but also a great tool for socialization.

Anil Chhikara
Anil is a serial entrepreneur and a well-regarded startup mentor in the Indian startup ecosystem. Anil was the anchor judge for Haywards 5000 Haunslay ki Udaan, India's First Startup Reality TV Show and the official startup coach for The Vault Show. Anil has judged over 600 startups in the last 24 months.
The Serial Entrepreneur and Anchor Judge
Hakob Hakobyan
Hakob Hakobyan is a Founder at Startup Armenia Foundation and Seaside Startup Summit. Also, he is a CEO at Renaissance Foundation. Mr. Hakobyan is a result-oriented Director with strong leadership skills in business activation and social developments. Successfully led and managed a number of projects in social, cultural and entrepreneurial fields across Armenia and worldwide.
Founder Startup Armenia Foundation & SSS
Venture Capital &
Private Equity
.....Due to the concept of the Seaside Startup Summit, each event will host about 70% of local and 30% of international startups. All the applied startups will pass the same selection process. However, additional criteria for the international startups will be applied due to the regional particularities and market orientation of the applicants. Members of startups are expected to cover transportation and visa costs for themselves.
What is SSS India?
It’s a tent camp business forum, where the startups, that have passed the selection process will take part in the event. They will attend workshops, meet investors and take part in startup battles.
What will I get?
If you’re s startupper you’ll get a chance to get new knowledge, have matching session with investors and win grants. If you’re an investor you’ll meet prospective startups. If you’re a guest you’ll get a chance to closely communicate with Indian startup ecosystem.
Are there any participation fees?
Where will we stay?
In the tents at Goa, India. Tents and sleeping bags are provided by the organizers.
Is the food provided?
Yes, the food is provided to the groups (20-25 people in each). Each group cooks for themselves.
What do I need to bring with me?
Bring what you’ll need for staying 5 days in a tent. You’ll need a laptop to work on your projects.
Is there any age limitation?
No, but if you’re under 18, we’ll need parent’s permission.
Should we stay all 5 days?
Yes, it’s mandatory. Participants can leave the territory only in case of emergencies.
Do you provide visa support?
We can send you an invitation, which you can present to the embassies.
4164, 13th A Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, IN
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